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We're Pursuing Greatness:

Your Success Matters To Us.

We're a competent team and pushing our limits everyday.

Our goal is to improve work life through disruptive products and services.

We offer world class services to solve your business problems.

Our services are built for companies of any size penchant for performance.

Our Focus Customer Segments

Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution & Services Industry

Our Services

Application Customization and Development


Project Management

Staff Training & Knowledge Transfer


Customer Support


Get closer to your customers  and improve your operational efficiencies.

Unlimited possibilities to grow your business. 

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Odoo Consultants


Transform core business activities & accelerate the growth


Help fast growing, dynamic & innovative enterprises develop a winning strategy & set feedback mechanism for smooth execution by introducing processes & systems for sustainable growth.


Skill Charts


Simplicity Is The Key

Refactor. Expel pointless standards and rules. Stop pointless reports. Drop ineffective gatherings. Stop complex process. Haul out lengthy processes 


Innovative and Disruptive

It's alright to fizzle. It's not alright to not develop. We will never fire somebody that completes a misstep. Be that as it may, we can let go somebody who does not develop. (or then again, who doesn't enable the organization and yours to develop) Try not to fear completing a slip-up, don't hesitate to take duties, attempt, push ahead


Autonomy and Freedom

We give individuals the freedom and opportunities to be great. 

We give genuine duties and support and we believe in ourselves and our clients.

Odoo support packages

pay as you go

$300Per Day
  • Odoo Installation and set up
  • On premise training
  • Custom development
  • Data migration
  • Version upgrade

monthly package

$2000Per Month
  • Odoo Installation and set up
  • On premise training
  • Custom development
  • Data migration
  • Hosting and Backup

  • Help Desk (Working Hours)


 Invite us for survey
  • Business Blueprint
  • Odoo Installation and set up
  • On premise training
  • Custom development
  • Change management
  • Process re-engineering
  • Data migration
  • Version upgrade

Business drives the development approach and not the other way, that's the secret.

Givers Gain -We share our expertise generously.


Learning never stops.


Competency is our Mantra.


Thoughtfulness is a major part of our value addition.



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